If the news you hear sounds incredible to you and you want to get the doubt out this app is for you, if you are from a political party and want to know what the press opinion is, who is on your side and who does not this app is very usefully.

Now if your journalistic program whose main reason is to give the news as it is, and do not care that people see other chains at the same time because what you sell is honesty... you bless this idea with your brand.

We changed the name several times, we changed the application dynamics, we changed the design of the apilication, we changed the way of presenting it, the way of telling it, because each time the technology available to us allowed us to do more things. Technically we worked together with the people of Glasswork Barcelona, ​​very closed to them as Ray Bradbury maybe worked in conjunction with NASA.

They told us what could be done and what could not be done and, we based on that, we re-thought the application and its true meaning. There are times when an advertising agency is more like the garage of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak than an advertising agency.